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Our products
Hegoa offers beach products from artisanal production methods. In our workshop, we create a wide range of hand-sewn espadrilles, made with 100% cotton fabrics, jute and natural rubber soles as well as pretty beach bags. Our espadrilles are inspired by traditional Basque know-how in a swiss way. Our 100% cotton foutas are woven in Tunisia according to local traditions. In order to preserve the waters of our region while swimming, we also offer our 100% natural face and body treatments formulated with karanja oil.
Our items are currently available online and a selection of them at Malicieuse shop at Grand-rue 5a 2035 Corcelles.

Lac Neuchatel espadrilles Swiss craftsmanship shoes fashion tour bike beach hand-sewn

Our history
Hegoa is our story, that of Nidia & Joris, in love with the Basque country for several years.
It was in Bayonne that we were able to discover the local crafts of this magnificent region. Fans of sneakers (and Bayonne ham), we did not find shoes to our feet, so we created them. This is how the Hegoa adventure began in 2019. Stylish, chic, relaxed, our Swiss artisanal espadrilles are lovingly made from natural materials in Neuchâtel. To match with them, we have developed other summer items which look like us, such as foutas and bags.

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