COW espatoufles

COW espatoufles

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Basque espatoufles.

For a warm winter, Hegoa offers you its espadrilles-slippers, handcrafted in collaboration with a specialized workshop.


Cow imitation fabric. Very soft, comfortable lined interior.

  • Cleaning

    Do not put in the machine.

    You can clean them with dry white soap and rinse with water (avoid wetting the sole)

  • Sizes

    The Hegoa sheep espadrilles are the perfect fit. It is advisable to take its usual size.

    35: 22.9cm - 36: 23.5cm - 37: 24.3cm - 38: 24.9cm - 39: 25.5cm - 40: 26.3cm - 41: 26.8cm - 42: 27.6cm - 43: 28.3cm - 44: 29.0cm