Virgin Karanja Oil - 100ml

Virgin Karanja Oil - 100ml


Karanja Oil 


In order to preserve the waters of our region during your swimming, we offer 100% pure and natural karanja oil, from the Malicieuse brand; swiss cosmetics


Karanja oil, rich in karanjin and pongamol, is known for its medicinal and cosmetic virtues, in particular for its  protective properties against UV aggressions. Its purifying properties are ideal for oily or problematic skin (pimples). Also ideal for hair care, it restores shine and shine, nourishes dry scalps.


Karanja oil has been used for a long time in conventional cosmetics, in particular in solar products as a spf booster. This oil is not recognized by Swissmedic as sun protection, however its composition gives it protective properties with a broad UVA and UVB spectrum.

  • USE

    Apply karanja oil to the skin, face and body, as a daily care, to prevent sun exposure but also to protect your skin when exposed to UV rays.

    Sensitive skin may experience a warming effect when applying it,  It is therefore recommended to perform a skin test before smearing it all over. Karanja oil can also be diluted with another oil.


    • BOTANICAL NAME; Pongamia glabra
    • QUALITY  ;  100% pure and natural, certified virgin (without pesticides or solvents), first cold pressing

    • ORIGIN; India

    • ASPECT ; yellow-brown color, fragrant (nutty smell), liquid